Water safety

Think! Be safe near water

Fast flowing rivers and streams have hidden dangers.

  • Water can look safe but can in fact be very dangerous.
  • Be aware that water levels can rise very quickly.
  • Do not jump into rivers and lakes - there may be many unseen hazards that could result in injury, disease or death.
  • Stay away from the river's edge. The banks could be eroded and rocks could be slippery - you might not be able to get out.
  • Children should not be allowed to play near fast flowing water - never leave them unattended near open water and pay attention to warning signs.
  • Be aware of the effect of cold water on the body - swimming in cold water could run the risk of hypothermia as water temperatures could be cooler than expected.
  • It is difficult to maintain your balance in fast flowing water - never try to cross a swift moving river or stream. As little as 15cm of water can sweep an adult off their feet.
  • If you see anyone in danger call 999 for assistance - never attempt to carry out a rescue, whether for a person or for a pet or animal in trouble, as you risk becoming a casualty yourself.

Where to get advice during times of flooding

Members of the public are advised to contact Natural Resources Wales for advice.

If you require sandbags, please contact your local council rather than your local fire and rescue service. In busy periods, North Wales Fire and Rescue Service will prioritise calls to those where it is believed life is at risk.

For up to date information on flood warnings and advice, visit Natural Resources Wales - they monitor the weather situation closely and keep a close eye on river levels.

Residents can also contact Floodline on 0345 988 1188 using quickdial 194902 for up-to-date flooding information and advice in their local area.

Flood warnings are also broadcast on local TV and Radio, and check the North Wales Police website for the latest on road closures.

Click here to view a short video by Cheshire Fire and rescue Service about water safety.

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