Staff promoting fire safety

Stay safe at home

Use these checklists to help prevent fires in your home

Do a bedtime safety check.

You are almost three times more likely to be killed in a fire that starts during the night.

Switch off and unplug all appliances. (Only leave on those appliances that are designed to be left on - for example, DVD players/video recorders, freezers and clock radios.)

Check that the oven, grill and hob are switched off.

Don't leave the washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher running overnight (they are a fire risk because of their high wattage, friction and motors).

Turn off all gas and electric heaters, and put a guard in front of an open fire.

Check that candles are out. Never leave one burning when you go to sleep.

Make sure that any cigarettes, cigars and pipes have been put out properly, and never smoke in bed. You could fall asleep and accidentally set fire to your bedding.

Close all doors. By shutting doors you can keep your escape route free from fire. This is particularly important in homes where you would not be able to escape from a window, for example if you live in a high-rise flat.

Turn off your electric blanket (unless it has a thermostat and is designed to be left on overnight).

Check that your escape route is clear of obstacles and make sure door and window keys are in the right place.

Before buying nightwear, visit for guidance on labelling. A label that reads 'low flammability' does not indicate a completely flameproof product.

Click below to view short clips on how to stay safe in your home

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