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Local Pension Board

New governance requirements have been introduced as a result of the Public  Service Pensions Act 2013 in relation to the Firefighters' Pension Schemes.

The Public Service Pensions Act 2013 provides for:

  • a 'responsible authority' who makes the regulations for the firefighters' pension schemes, - in Wales this is the Welsh Government
  • the establishment of a new national 'scheme advisory board' to provide advice to the Welsh Government in relation to changes to the scheme and to provide advice to the scheme managers and pension boards
  • a 'scheme manager' to be responsible for managing and administering the scheme locally - the Fire and Rescue Authority and a lead advisor which is the Assistant Fire Officer (Finance and Procurement)
    the establishment of a new local 'pension board' to assist the scheme manager.

The Local Pension Board will ensure that the Code of Practice on governance and administration issued by the Pensions Regulator is complied with.  The Board will also ensure that it complies with the knowledge and understanding requirements in the Pensions Regulator's Code of Practice.

The Local Pension Board is accountable to the Pensions Regulator, the National Scheme Advisory Board and the Administering Authority in their role as Scheme Manager. The National Scheme Advisory Board will advise both the Welsh Government and Dyfed Pension Fund (Administrators of the pension schemes).  The Pensions Regulator will report to Welsh Government but will also be a point of escalation for the Local Pension Board for matters such as whistle blowing or similar issues (supplementary to the whistle blowing policy and anti-fraud and corruption policies operated by the administering authority).

Amendments to the Firefighters’ Pension Schemes

Scheme Pays Policy and Procedures

Risk Register and Matrix

Communication Statement

Firefighters' Pension Scheme Privacy Notice

Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure

Terms of Reference

Reporting Breaches of the Law to the Pensions Regulator

Conflict of Interest policy

LPB Annual Report 2018-19

LPB Annual Report 2017-18

LPB Annual Report 2016-17

LPB Annual Report 2015-16

Membership of the Local Pension Board 2017-2019

Councillor John Brynmor Hughes 
Councillor Bryan Apsley
Clerk to the Authority
Treasurer of the Authority.

Scheme Manager: 
Fire Brigades Union - Blythe Roberts and Duncan Stewart-Ball
Fire Officers' Association - Jane Honey
Fire Leaders' Association - Prospect - Richard Fairhead.

Chair of the Board
The Chairperson of the Local Pension Board will be rotated every two years between a member representing employers and those representing scheme members.
Cllr Bryan Apsley is the Chair for the period 2019-2021. The Chair is nominated to sit on the National Firefighers Pension Advisory Board.


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