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Welcome from the Chief

Stamping out deliberate fires

With the lighter nights and warm weather upon us, I'm making an appeal to parents to be aware of the whereabouts of their children and help us to prevent deliberate fires.

Deliberate fires endanger lives the lives of the public and firefighters, they delay fire crews from attending genuine emergencies, and cost the Welsh economy millions of pounds.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service has been working hard to drive down the incidence of all deliberate fires over recent years - but as the nights get lighter and the weather becomes warmer, there is often a rise in the number of deliberately set fires.

Driving down deliberate fires has involved a concerted effort through a variety of initiatives including partnership working with other agencies such as the work of the joint Arson Reduction Team with North Wales Police, youth engagement through the Phoenix, as well as a range of targeted safety campaigns.

Setting fires is a criminal offence and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service is actively working alongside North Wales Police to combat deliberate incidents.

You can follow our campaign to reduce deliberate fires on our social media by following #helpstopdeliberatefires and on our website www.nwales-fireservice.org.uk . Also, take a look at our You Tube channel nwalesfireservice and watch the video 'A night to remember', which demonstrates the devastating consequences of deliberate firestarting.

Anyone with information on such crimes is advised to anonymously call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or contact 101.







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