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Current Campaigns

Current Campaigns

'We don't want to come dine with you - Think Safe, Cook Safe!'

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service is currently running the 'We Don't want to come dine with you - Think Safe, Cook Safe!' campaign to help drive down the number of cooking related fires in Denbighshire and educate local residents about the importance of cooking safely.

Cooking is the cause of over half of all accidental fires in North Wales -  this campaign highlights the dangers of getting distracted whilst you are preparing food and the risks involved with leaving your cooking unattended. Forgetting to turn off the hob, leaving food in the microwave for too long, overheating a chip pan, burning the toast, leaving the oven on - all of these can spell disaster in the kitchen and can lead to serious injury or, even more worryingly, the loss of life.

That's why firefighters will be out and about over the next few months talking to shoppers in Denbighshire about how to stay safe in the kitchen and providing free kitchen timers to encourage people to think safe when they are cooking and to remember to time their cooking correctly.

A Facebook competiiton publicised through beermats and posters distributed to pubs and bingo halls throughout Denbighshire will also help those who can't make it to the supermarket visits learn about safety in the kitchen and be in with the chance of winning up to a £100 in supermarket vouchers. Visit our Facebook page to take part.

Student Safety Campaign

Staff from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service are working with both University and College students to keep them as safe as possible from fire.

As well as visiting the 'freshers' events at locations across North Wales, local firefighters will be visiting halls of residence and visiting privately rented student accommodation to offer free home fire safety checks.

Click here to access advice and information for students and here to have a go at our ampage calculator to ensure you're not overloading those extension leads!

If you're a student and you want to register for a free home fire safety check, click here.


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