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North Wales Fire And Rescue Service
North Wales Fire and Rescue Service
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Welcome from the Chief Fire Officer

Call before you burn- be responsible


The controlled burning season is now underway and every yearwe are called to countless false alarms or more serious incidents where fires have gone out of control, sometimes spreading alarmingly over wide areas.


At their worst, these fires can cause irrevocable damage to the environment, threaten livestock and even residents and their homes, as well as the firefighters who are called to deal with them.


That’s why we are appealing to farmers and landowners to take on board some basic safety procedures and notify us when they are conducting their burn.


Burning is allowed only between the 1st of October and the 31st of March in upland areas and the 1st of November and the 15th of March elsewhere.


I would urge all landowners undertaking controlled burning to heed our advice and notify us by calling our control room - this will help avoid false alarms and crews being sent out unnecessarily as well as ensuring we are ready to respond in the event of a burn getting out of control.


Last year, almost 4000 people called in to notify us of a controlled burn – and we’d like to encourage everyone to ‘call before they burn’.




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