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Changing response to non-statutory services

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Changing response to Automatic Fire Alarms

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Visit the Rhyl community fire station page

Visit the Rhyl community fire station page

The community fire station is a fully operational fire station, and also offers a range of community facilities including meeting rooms, which can be hired out by local groups or businesses.


Welcome from the Chief Fire Officer

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Our aim is to protect communities before emergencies occur and to provide a professional, efficient and effective fire and rescue service for all who live, work and travel throughout North Wales.

Put safety first in the sunshine!

This month I am highlighting the dangers associated with some common summertime fires, as residents are likely to get out their barbecues and dust off their patio furniture.

During warmer weather, the grass and vegetation is generally dry, which means if you accidentally start a fire outdoors it will spread very quickly, destroying everything in its path. Add a light summer breeze to the equation and the fire will spread even more rapidly. We have attended a number of serious grass and gorse fires during recent months which have tied up firefighting resources for considerable lengths of time.

A flicked cigarette from a car window, a barbecue that sets fire to a hedge, or a bonfire left unattended could start a blaze that destroys acres of countryside, crops and wildlife.

If the fire starts closer to home, it could destroy your garden, spread to your house and endanger the lives of those inside. Barbecues can be enjoyable but you need to keep safety in mind when cooking outdoors - keep barbecues well away from pets and children and make sure that you dispose of the ashes safely.

Many will also be enjoying a few drinks out and about as well as at home in the garden during the lighter evenings  - and I would urge that you avoid cooking after drinking, especially should you feel peckish after returning home after a night out. The best way to kill off the hunger pangs but stay safe yourself is to get a takeaway or prepare a sandwich before you go out.


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